Spirituality is a state in which we are connected to nature, with each other and to deepest part of ourselves.

Spirituality is not a religion, and not even affiliated with any religion.

Spirituality is not about finding God, but it’s about finding yourself.

Spirituality is a natural human trait. Spiritual values are human values like love, truthfulness, righteousness, freedom, compassion, gentleness, modesty,

Joy, humility, gratefulness, truth, peace and non-violence. And self knowledge is gained by spiritual values only.

Religion is a set of organized social and political institution to express beliefs in a divine supernatural power and gives value to imaginary Gods, holy books, places of worships, false beliefs and blind faith.

Spirituality liberates humanity from the shackles of religious slavery.

Spirituality goes beyond God, soul, heaven and hell. It goes with the mind, feelings, perceptions and pure consciousness. It empowers people to face hard facts of life. Spirituality gives great importance to a human being.

Spirituality comes from the soul, the core of our innermost being which unfolds our cosmic connection.

Spirituality is a natural human instinct, similar to the scent of a mush deer, which comes from within his body naturally and not from any perfume.

Spirituality is a way of life which is supreme art of knowing yourself making person emotionally and mentally balanced helping him to cultivate the skill to live at ease, naturally from inside out.

Unlike religions, no gurus are required to teach spirituality. Spirituality is never taught. Universal spiritual values are meant to be tasted and verified by each individual personally.

We all are one consciousness of oneness.

Our conscious mind craves for worldly desires and subconscious mind wants to quench its spiritual thirst longing to merge with the super consciousness.

Connection of human consciousness with cosmic consciousness is spirituality, is actually the union of our soul with God.

In reality, spirituality is the soul of all religions.

Most fundamental spiritual questions of human is,

Who am I? And what is the purpose of life.

This most fundamental question is answered by spirituality only.

In religion, you remain a seeker and the worshiper rest of your life, without finding who you are? And what is your purpose in life?

What is a spiritual being means?

A spiritual person is a truth seeker and does not follow any religion. He does not seek any help from any Guru, God, priest, mullahs, pundits or pastor.

He does not visit places of worship or read holy books. He does not perform any rituals, offer sacrifices, and follow falsehood or superstitions blind faith. He paves his own spiritual path. He is own deity, his own Guru. Nature is his church and Cosmic Consciousness is his God.