Albert Einstein was a physicist, not a philosopher!!

The reason I am saying this, because history says that he said ‘religion and science go together. Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind,they are interdependent and have common goal “the search for truth.”  What he said was wrong!!

In reality, science and religions are not compatible. We cannot find

the truth through religions, because science and religions are not

Compatible. We can find truth through science and spirituality only.

Science is not only compatible with spirituality but is profound source of

spirituality. Religion is a manmade philosophy and spirituality is a natural

quality of human beings.

Religion is a set of organized social and political institution to express

beliefs in a divine supernatural power. Religions give value to imaginary and

Invisible Gods, holy books, places of worships, false beliefs and blind faith.

Spirituality is a state in which you are connected to nature, with each

Other and deepest part of yourself. Spirituality is not about finding God, but

finding you.

Religions are based on manmade manuscripts, dogmas, doctrines and

belief systems created by others while spirituality evolves on one’s own

personal experiences.  Spirituality is based on the laws of nature that leads

to truth and higher consciousness, where as religions are based on make

believe world.

Now science confirms that the existence of God is a symbol of

“Cosmic consciousness” and it is indisputable. Now we should understand

that God is consciousness and is God of Gods, not a creator but the source of

Creation itself, and this is the “Ultimate Truth.”

Connection of human consciousness with cosmic consciousness is


Thus, spirituality liberates humanity from shackles of religious slavery.

Spirituality goes beyond God, soul, heaven and hell. It goes with the mind

Our inner feelings, mental state, perceptions and pure consciousness.

Our spiritual values like love, joy, humility, gratefulness, modesty,

Compassion, gentleness, freedom, truthfulness, righteousness,

Passion, anger and bitterness are human values.

Therefore spirituality is a way of life, art of knowing thyself making person

emotionally and mentally balanced helping him to cultivate the skills

to live at ease, naturally from inside and outside.

Thus, spirituality only can bring whole world together through our inborn

Spiritual values, and make world peaceful place for all human co-existence

By spiritual collaborations and not by religious competition and wars.

All organized religions have failed to create peace in this world.

On the contrary, they have divided the world in many groups of religions.

Now to create oneness and harmony “spirituality” is the answer!!

Therefore “the soul of all religions” gives a chance to spirituality.

Therefore science and spirituality is the redemption of this world and

Not religions!!