I have visited many orphanages, schools in rural area; old people care canters in many parts of India. and noticed that most of the schools and care canters are not managed well and operating under poverty line and are struggling to fulfil their basic needs. The main reason is, they lack resources such as, technology, finance and human resources.
It is my conviction that every child possesses inner strength and potential of greatness, which must find expression. I believe that everyone has the right for a dignified life.

So, we want work towards the goal of inequalities in India and continue to strive for creating systematic changes to benefit poor, underprivileged and needy children.

We pursue fullness of life for every child by serving the poor and oppressed regardless of religion, race and ethnicity.

We want to make sure that these poor and underprivileged children are getting…

  • Quality education
  • Health and hygiene
  • Sport and physical developing performing arts.
  • Family values
  • Emotional support
  • Life skills for income generation.
  • Vocational training to make them self-reliant independent adult.
  • Balanced nutrition.
  • Career guidance
  • Scholarships for smart kids from deprived communities.
We make sure that these children are nurturing in a family like environment with these above facilities and services.

If they lack resources to provide these facilities, we try to provide them or assist them to find.

In this way, we work towards holistic upbringing of children from poor financial background, from rural and urban slum kids, villages and tribal communities.

Thus, seek to transform the lives of hundreds of children in India.

We invite you to get involve and contribute in any way you can, so that every socially and educationally disadvantaged child can realize their dream of a prosperous and bright life.

Please note that we are an independent of any political, religious, Sanstha, foundation. Or any trust affiliation.

We found that the most “Needy “is “Maitrakul “Jivan Vikas Kendra at Bapgaon, near Kalyan. You can find all their info. On our page “In Need.”

When we treat people merely as they are , they will remain as
they are. When you treat them as if they were what they should be,
they will become what they should be.