In Need

“Real charity is giving secretly and cheerfully
with love without expecting any reward, praise or credit.”
~ Dev Samudre

Last year 2020 was very hard for all of us. The whole world got affected due to Corona virus, covid-19. People those who were living hand to mouth on daily wages got affected badly.

Many orphanages, old people care centers, handicapped students’ schools and many other foundations approached us for help.

  • Samaj Rachana Sangha, Kalyan.
    They work for the welfare of the tribal area on Healthcare, clean water, Training and provide school items for children in the tribal area.
  • Way True Life Charitable Society. Kalyan
    The NGO is helping street and underprivileged children, free education, food, nutrition, health care, skill development, vocational training and rehabilitation of children, women and youth from slum community.
  • Anand Ashram, Worli, Mumbai.
    Orphanage home for boys.
  • Mahatma Phule Apang Prashikshan Santha, Man, Tal: Mulshi.
    Providing education for handicapped children…..
  • Snehwan, Bhosari, Pune (
    Snehwan is upbringing the deprived children into the mainstream of the society. They are educating kids of drought affected and suicidal farmers from Maharashtra state of India.

And Many Many More….

When we treat people merely as they are , they will remain as
they are. When you treat them as if they were what they should be,
they will become what they should be.