About us

Being kind is not a foundation or any trust. It’s like a blogging website to
educate and motivate people to be more kind to all living beings.

We mainly empower people first with a real knowledge which help them to liberate from their ignorance, false and all limiting beliefs. We change their mindset so that they can achieve anything they want.

The owner of this website is a spiritual a “truth seeker” by self awareness, knowledge and his own experiences.
Humanity is his religion.

The doctrine is love, kindness and compassion…that’s all!!

He migrated to the United States of America in 1985. He was growing richer there, but feeling poor. But after age of 50 he got bored with daily routine, so he took a complete year off from work and returned to India and travelled extensively to see the ground reality. When he saw the extreme poverty, he decided to do something for them.

But now because of the Corona Pandemic situation is different everywhere, especially among those who were living hand to mouth. He is doing his part as much as he can. These days he is travelling every weekend to different part of Maharashtra state in India to see who is in dire need of help.

You can see the list of orphanages, old age homes, sincere trusts & foundations, rehabilitation centers, Blind Boys & girls’ schools… those who are in dire need of your help…separately on “In Need” page.

If you have surplus of anything… money, food, clothes, service, time… Please share it with others, those who are in need. And if you do not have anything …your silent prayer will do the miracle in their lives…

Lately a team of “Square Cut” (YouTube Channel) from Pune joined us as a helping hand.

When school and colleges invite him for his “Educational Seminar” or guest lecture, he offers his services FREE!! But when they give willfully something 60% of it always used for a social service.

If you are interested in his Educational seminar or lecture, you can request one at the bottom page under “Request Form.

”Feel also free to email:




When we treat people merely as they are , they will remain as
they are. When you treat them as if they were what they should be,
they will become what they should be.